Below are listed our responses to government consultations linked to environmental law that are of particular importance for our members.   These are produced by our working parties, devolved offices or regional groups.  



  • UKELA's response to the Local Nature Recovery Strategies consultation paper (2 November 2021). Read paper.

  • Response to the  Government’s Strategic Priorities for Ofwat (15 October 2021). Read paper.

  • Response to the call for evidence by the House of Lords Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee (16 September 2021) . Read paper.

  • UKELA's consultation response to the BEIS Regulation Reform. Read paper.

  • Response to the consultation on amending the Civil Procedure Rules to establish Environmental Review (Defra, July 2021). Read paper

  • Response to the Law Commission's 14th Programme of Law Reform. Read paper

  • Consultation response on Judicial Review Reform (29 April 2021).Led by the Environmental Litigation Working Party, with input from the Governance and Devolution Group. Read paper

  • Draft Revisions to the National Planning Policy Framework. A response to the consultation on draft revisions to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) led by the Planning and Sustainable Development Working Party (March 2021). Read paper

  • Landscapes Review February 2021 - with letter of response. The Nature Conservation Working Party (NCWP) has written to the Environment Secretary about the landscapes review.  Read the letter from NCWP and the letter of response received in March 2021.

  • Consultation response on the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) providing discussion and analysis in the policy area of environment and climate change, led by the Governance and  Devolution Group (February 2021). Read paper

  •  Consultation response on a Northern Ireland Climate Change Bill (February 2021) - Read paper


2020 UKELA responses to Government Consultations 

1.      Submission to the Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee Inquiry into Air Quality (February 2020) led by the Wales Working Party - read paper

2.      Submissions to Public Bill Committee on the Environment Bill submitted (May 2020) led by the Governance and Devolution Group - read paper

3.      Submissions to the HL Sub-Committee on level playing fields (July 2020) led by the Governance and Devolution Group - read paper

4.      Air Quality submissions to the EFRA Committee (August 2020) led by the Nature Conservation Working Party - read paper

5.      Departure for retained EU law (August 2020), led by the Environmental Litigation Working Paper - read paper

6.      Submissions to the EA’s consultation on River Basin planning (September 2020) led by the Water Working Paper - read paper

7.      Consultation response on the proposal to ban nine single use plastic products in Wales (September 2020) led by Wales Working Party - read paper

8.      Evidence to the Government’s Independent Review of Administrative Law (IRAL) (October 2020) led by Environmental Litigation Working Party - read paper

9.      The response to the Planning White Paper: Planning for the Future (October 2020) led by the Planning & Sustainable Development Working Party - read paper

10.   Submission to Public Bill Committee New Clause 24 & amendment 30 of the Environment Bill 2019-2021 (November 2020) led by the Governance and Devolution Group - read paper

11.   Response to EFRA Inquiry on Tree Planting and Woodlands (December 2020) led by the Nature Conservation Working Party - read paper



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