UKELA's ESG Policy


UKELA proudly unveils its new ESG policy, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to addressing climate change, protecting biodiversity and conserving our resources. Furthermore, it outlines our desire to create a more diverse, inclusive and ethical environment for both our members, and the broader environmental law industry.

This comprehensive framework underscores our dedication to sustainability and responsible practices, reflecting our values and paving the way for a more environmentally conscious and socially equitable future.

You can access the full policy below and learn more about our ESG ambitions. This policy will be continually reviewed and revised as necessary and we welcome all comments from our members. We will be measuring and reporting our progress against this policy on an annual basis and will make the results publicly available.

UKELA's ESG Policy - read our ESG policy



Equality, diversity and inclusion at UKELA



UKELA's 2020-2025 strategic plan sets out a number of aims, including a key aim around strengthening our commitment to an equal, diverse and inclusive organisation. On this page, you can find more details about this aim and the activities we have in place. 

Please see our Equality, diversity and inclusion policy.

We welcome your feedback and comments. Please get in touch.




Our strategic plan says that we will promote greater inclusion throughout the environmental law field, aiming for diverse speaker line-ups across our events portfolio; and continue to promote an equal, diverse and inclusive board, voluntary and staff team. We will achieve this in the following ways:

  • UKELA is committed to creating an inclusive environment where its membership can thrive through diversity.
  • UKELA recognises it has a role to play in supporting legal professionals from all backgrounds, gender, and ethnicities to participate in its activities.
  • Increase representation of those from underrepresented groups; as well as building partnerships with different organisations to support this
  • Ensure that diversity and inclusion are integral to UKELA’s activities
  • Promote and support the active participation of members from a range of backgrounds and provide a platform for diversity of issues
  • Increase diversity of UKELA’s Council and executive bodies


We've set up an equality, diversity & inclusion team that will take forward the strategic aim. The team consists of UKELA trustees and members and meets regularly to review actions. 



Please contact us on [email protected] to discuss any issues which you’d like to raise.