We want to provide a good online experience to everyone. This accessibility statement tells you what accessibility features we have included on this site. We recognise that there may still be more to do. If you have difficulties using this site, or can give us feedback regarding the accessibility of this site, please get in touch so that we can improve our site further.

The system on which our website is situated, iMIS, has best practice features built in which we utilise and we use the W3C markup validation service to check for any issues. Additionally, we aim to achieve level AA of the Web Content Accessibility guidelines by adhering to best practice such as:

  • Providing alt text tags on images.
  • Providing a transcript or captions for our video content.
  • Using underline to signify hyperlinks and heading levels to make text on a page clearer.
  • Not enabling auto play or advance automatically functions for videos and slide shows to enable users to control the speed at which they access this type of content.
  • We try to use clear language and we will not use any blinking or flickering elements.
  • The colours used on this site should provide adequate contrast so that it is usable by anyone with colour deficient vision. The font size is changeable by you using the browser function to increase the font size.