Our networks stretch right across the UK. In the devolved administrations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, we run events, respond to consultations and provide networking opportunities for local members. To become involved in any of the devolved committees, please get in touch.


What we do

The Northern Ireland working party provides advice to UKELA on environmental law issues relevant to Northern Ireland with a particular emphasis on environmental governance. It focuses on topical issues and seeks to influence them in the context of UKELA's overall aims.

The current priorities of the working party are:

  • advising on the challenges that post Brexit poses for environmental law in Northern Ireland
  • advising UKELA on its engagement on the way forward for environmental governance in Northern Ireland following the NI Government’s decision not to create an independent Environmental Protection Agency
  • working to secure improvements in the regulatory and enforcement roles of the renamed NI Environment Agency, in particular through the NI Government’s “Better Regulation Initiative” and any future consultations
  • helping UKELA work with other NGOs who share UKELA's objectives in Northern Ireland
  • providing expert speakers for events
  • monitoring the implementation of European legislation in Northern Ireland, and advising UKELA when to make representations about any shortfalls
  • providing input into consultations on the implementation of legislation in Northern Ireland.


Any member of UKELA with expertise in Northern Ireland is welcome to join the working party. There is no requirement for members to attend meetings and most communications are electronic.

Working party members are free to circulate material to other members and provide updates, exchange information etc which may be of interest to the group or make suggestions at any time about the work of the group.



Recent responses to consultation papers 

  • Consultation response on a Northern Ireland Climate Change Bill led by the Northern Ireland Working Party and the Governance and Devolution Group (February 2021) - Read paper

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