What we do

UKELA's work in Wales is co-ordinated by its Working Party. The group aims to influence legislation and organise events for members. Its terms of reference are:

  • To influence the development of Welsh environmental law by responding to key consultation papers, with the object of becoming a preferred consultee in Wales.
  • To disseminate knowledge and opinion by discussing developments in environmental law in Wales, as well as UK, EU and international laws as they apply to Wales.
  • To promote education in both environmental law and policy so as to improve understanding and awareness of environmental law.
  • To promote the overall aims of UKELA by seeking to influence the development and quality of environmental law and governance in Wales so as to make the law work for a better environment
  • To liaise as appropriate with other working parties and regional groups in UKELA.


Wales Working Party

For more information about the Wales Working Party follow the link

>Wales Working Party


Meet the team 
  • Christian Jowett of 30 Park Place Chambers and 36 Commercial, London (convenor)
  • Tim Edds of Browne Jacobson (convenor)
  • Kate Howell
  • Ben Standing
  • Professor Lynda Warren
  • Wyn Jones
  • William Wilson

Christian Jowett

Barrister at 30 Park Place chambers & 36 Commercial, London

Tim Edds

Partner, Browne Jacobson

Responses to consultation papers 


Response to the Welsh Government Consultation - Securing a Sustainable Future

Posted on 30/04/2024
UKELA's response to the Welsh Government consultation - Securing a Sustainable Future.


Response to the review of the Priorities for the 6th Senedd

Posted on 15/09/2023
This response is to the call for evidence by the Senedd’s Climate Change, Environment and Infrastructure Committee’s on its review of the Priorities for the 6th Senedd (the 6th Senedd Priorities), led by UKELA Wales.


Response to IEPAW on protected sites in Wales

Posted on 23/02/2023
UKELA's response to the call for evidence from the Interim Environmental Protection Assessor for Wales (IEPAW) on the management and protection of protected areas - led by the Wales Working Party.


Response to Senedd Cymru on the REUL Bill

Posted on 16/11/2022
UKELA's response to call for evidence by the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee of Senedd Cymru on the REUL Bill, led by Wales working party.