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Law and Your Environment

Law and Your Environment (LYE) is a public information website provided by UKELA, the UK Environmental Law Association. LYE is a free online resource for members of the public seeking information on UK environmental law and policy, across the four nations, as well as key rights and responsibilities as UK environmental citizens. Themes covered are: Air quality and environmental health; Biodiversity and nature; Circular economy and waste; Climate change; Environmental and social governance; Noise; Permitting and regulation; Rights and responsibilities; Water. 


Environmental and environmental law organisations


The Environmental Law Foundation

Helps the voice of ordinary people and communities to be heard on matters affecting the environment in which they live.




IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment) is the professional body for everyone working, studying or interested in environment and sustainability.


Lawyers for Net Zero

Lawyers for Net Zero is a non-profit created with a mission to energise and equip in-house counsel globally, to champion and enable legitimate net zero.


Climate Reframe

Amplifying BAME voices in the UK Environmental movement


Black Environment Network

Working across diverse sectors for ethnic environmental participation


Women's Environmental Network

Women taking action for a healthier planet


Legal Sustainability Alliance

To facilitate collaboration and sharing between UK-based law firms in order to support them in taking action to improve the environmental sustainability of their operations and activities.


Planet Pod


The Planning & Environment Bar Association


Environmental Rights Centre Scotland


UK regulators


The Environment Agency


Scottish Environmental Protection Agency


Natural Resources Wales


Northern Ireland Environment Agency


Monitoring bodies


Environmental Standards Scotland

Home - Environmental Standards Scotland


The Office for Environmental Protection

Office for Environmental Protection | oep (


The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales

The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales – Acting today for a better tommorrow


International Environmental Law Associations


American Bar Association: Environment, Energy and Resources


Canadian Bar Association: Environment, Energy and Resources,-Energy-and-Resources-Law


Irish Environmental Law Association

Irish Environmental Law Association (


Australian Environmental Law Association


European Environmental Law Forum